FMerb synth thingy

Right, I seem to have gotten lost in MAX v7 once again and I’ve made another thingy. This time it’s a MIDI FM type synth with reverb, hence the name FM(v)erb. I’m so inventive when it comes to names eh, outstanding performance there.

Anyway, grab it like a rabbit and see what you think. It’s still in the v01 state but it should mostly work. It has 3 MIDI CC slots which allows you to control Filter Cut Off, Resonance & Filter type. It doesn’t do presets, so just dial away every time it you open it, sometimes things are just better that way. The Envelope supports times of up to 20 seconds from milliseconds so although it is very limited feature wise the scope for variations within the sounds is I think still vast…

If people like that, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement more options of this kind. I’m new to all this software bizznizz so go easy on me and please try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

It was created on Max MSP v 7.1 using Mac OS X El Capitan. Sadly I haven’t got any other versions of Mac OS with me at the moment to test. One small reminder is that you will have to have Java installed in order for this to work. Most newish Apple OS’s no longer come with that installed as standard. Just a wee heads up.

I haven’t written any documentation for the .app but it’s pretty straight forward to use, as far as I can tell. For any comments, ideas and suggestions please contact me and I’ll do my best. I hope it works for you and that you have many happy hours making noises. It has a built in recorder unit towards the bottom which saves out an audio file at the sample rate you’re running at whatever bit depth you’ve chosen in the module.

Click here to download the .zip file!