The Look New Site

So I learn things once again the hard way…

My old WordPress / Website went down when our old community server died, so I’ve been struggling whilst working to try and get this back up and running. I found the old database file backup but my media is fried ahhh the story goes on.

As of now I seem to have sorted part of the importing process but I’m sure that some links may not work or that some downloadable content will be missing so there’s still a chunk of work to do. But for now it’s alive!



Just a quick post to say that I am excitedly sat here waiting for my studio shipment from the UK, to arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts and ears back on my studio gear. I’m also slightly freaking out that it’ll all be smashed, in pieces and soaked…

I shall post again once it’s all here and I’ve had a closer look.

Wish me luck.