I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, raised in the Oman, Gibraltar and Andalucia, Spain. I spent almost a decade living, studying and working with sound/music commercially in London, England, before moving back to work in Edinburgh, Scotland. There I worked as a Freelancer whilst also being the Audio Studio Manager at the Sound Design & Music dept. in the Reid School of Music, at the University of Edinburgh for 7 years. As of October 2015 I’ve been based in New South Wales, Australia.

Please contact me via email ( kev at mrhay dot co dot uk) to discuss further, projects I may have worked on in the past, or should you have future projects you would like to collaborate on. Rates will vary depending on the services  and technologies involved, so please let me know what you would like and I will happily provide you with a quote:

Sound designer, audio manipulator, musical explorer, this is my little corner of the Internet. I’ve made music, bespoke sound designs for games, advertising and sonic art installations. I’ve played, recorded, mixed, mastered, designed and coded… in various incantations for assorted reasons. My skills are diverse and flexible yet all reside in the audio world.

Each project and situation will call for its own treatment and attention to differing details. I enjoy the challenge of establishing where those should lay and how to solve aesthetic issues creatively. Sounds are just raw ingredients that I usually work with. Sound is our clay, our oil paint and canvas.

I enjoy studying and have a 1st class BA Honors in Music Technology (specialist) as well as an MSc in Sound Design with final project distinction from the School of Architecture at the University of Edinburgh. Please contact me to discuss any projects that you may have in mind, big or small. I find talking to people face-to-face works far better than email. Or you can ask me for Skype, mobile phone details or out for a coffee.

Should you feel so inclined you can read my open short rants on twitter. There is also a live feed in the widget top right. I make no excuses for what you may or may not find there and any disturbance caused.