Simple 2chan recorder

I don’t seem to be able to stop this make a MAX thing at the moment, so I decided to roll with it…

This time after many discussions with old IRC friends, they said I should make a quick & easy standalone audio recorder. Which is what I then did. For those moments when you’re jamming on a synth or something and don’t want to boot ProTools, setup a session and all that jazz, not that it’s hard, but you just want to hit record!

This supports various Bit Depths & Sample Rates. It will AutoName things so you don’t even have to worry about that, of course you set your own file names if you prefer. A small word of warning about AutoName, it’ll dump out the resultant recorded audio files the the same directory as wherever the .app is stored. Maybe run it from your Music directory or something sensible like that…

Here you go and I hope that you find it useful, it comes as is and with 0 support, but it shouldn’t really need any. It was created on Max MSP v 7.1 using Mac OS X El Capitan. Sadly I haven’t got any other versions of Mac OS with me at the moment to test. One small reminder is that I think you will have to have Java installed in order for this to work. Most newish Apple OS’s no longer come with that installed as standard. Just a wee heads up.

I haven’t written any documentation for the .app but it’s pretty straight forward to use. For any comments, ideas and suggestions please contact me and I’ll do my best. I hope it works for you and that you have many happy hours recording noises.

Click here to grab the download.