Feedback Study

Exploration & Research Audio:

These are snippets of the work which lead up to the final Feedback Study recordings, which then lead on to our own creation of the ‘Skypeback’ Feedback Networked performance instrument.

Two more experiments documenting performances in full. A revisit and use of the Stairwell, after having re-written the MaxMSP patches including new filter designs and an alternate setting of the ‘Glasshouse’.

The final audio from various performances which Tam and I thought would best illustrate what we were had achieved.

Feedback Study testing in the stairwell:

Tam Treanor & Kevin Hay

This was a project to realise and spring off of the works by Agostino Di Scipio. After Tam and I had ‘translated’ the score/DSP routine from Kyma code in to a MaxMSP objects mega-patch, we decided to give the thing a test in an interesting environment that we had access to. This was a fire escape stairwell, and yes we know, we really shouldn’t have done so, but we got clearance first and sonically, we just couldn’t resist the chance of using such a beautifully unique and reveberant space. The only source sound is purposefully induced feedback loops between speakers and microphones. With our DSP routine in between.