Right this one was a little challenging but I got there in the end. I’ve been busy entertaining my parents since they visited me which was amazing but kinda threw a spanner in the .app a day mission I was on. That and a 6 year old and all hell breaks loose…

Anyway I seem to have built what I’ve cheaply called a Fauxtechre app. Clearly inspired by the fantastic work of WARP records’ Autechre. I’ve had many moments over the years falling in and out of love with this band and their work, which to me is always a sign of fantastic challenging art.

This one uses the Karplus modules from BEAP and you can draw in your own oscillator type shapes and morph between then using LFO’s. It also has a morphing spectral filter which you can again draw your own shapes in to and wobble between. Just click around and find out what’s good for you and works, or doesn’t. The steps of the Gate Seq. and the Sequencer itself can be split and run at different step counts to maintain that slightly out wonky cycle…

Please find below another link to the software with the same conditions as previous ‘releases’ so to speak. Once again I’ve popped in an audio recorder so you don’t have to dick about with any routing, but foolishly I didn’t add keyboard shortcuts. Silly me. If any really wants them implemented then please just ask and I’ll do so.

This .app does nod to algorithmic composition techniques in some ways, albeit in a very embryonic way. I do hope that at least you’ll have fun.

It comes as is and with 0 support, but it shouldn’t really need any. It was created on Max MSP v 7.1 using Mac OS X El Capitan. Sadly I haven’t got any other versions of Mac OS with me at the moment to test. One small reminder is that I think you will have to have Java installed in order for this to work. Most newish Apple OS’s no longer come with that installed as standard. Just a wee heads up.

I haven’t written any documentation for the .app but it’s pretty straight forward to use. For any comments, ideas and suggestions please contact me and I’ll do my best. I hope it works for you and that you have many happy hours making noises. Please click here to start a .zip file download.