Colour & Shape

Every now and then I forget the ears and try to engage the eyes. There’s so much to learn about photography and I don’t have a decent camera but I don’t think that should stop anyone from using whatever they do have. Just like capturing a performance or a animal call, often taking a great picture is about expression and position as much as the camera used. I’ve always felt the same about sound and music. Sure having a Neumann vintage mic would be fantastic, if you can afford the maintenance, but not having one never stopped me from recording. If all you have is an SM57 then so be it. So with that in mind all I had with me on this exploration of Melbourne was my ‘smart‘ (i.e. dumb) phone. That would have to do.

For those of you who may need a direct link, here it is. Anyway have a look at the pictures, let me know what you think. This is my 1st attempt at using an HTML5 picture viewer for all those iOS / Android people out there as Flash slowly fades away in to the digital dust pile.