Yamaha S-400B


Building Instruments

So it would seem that I have a new addiction at the moment, making sampled instruments our of anything I can find not just traditional acoustic instruments. I refer to it as Sound Farming. I’ve been doing this on and off since I can remember and it all began in my teenage days when I discovered listening to Hip Hop and wondering what a sampler was…

My close friend and musical wizard Ryan Somerville, has been liaising with me letting me know what composers need from a sampled instrument and what interface options would be handy to have, rather than what instrument makers think that they need, which is priceless input really. You can get lost in the ideas of cool, I made it work coding, when the end user just won’t even need the features you spent 2 nights working out.

Gimme the goodies!

It’s not quite done yet and I’ll update this post or add a new one as and when it’s finished. And if you would like a copy of the instrument, then please get in touch with your request using the Contact Form below and I’ll pass a link back to you. Easy-peasy.