Kawai ‘Baby’ Grand – Talkbook Mini Cassette Piano



is an amazing community driven site wherein people sample their own pianos, or ones they have access to and then edit, sort, and build sampler instruments to share them with the rest of the community. Wonderful.

So, I decided to take a pot shot at this and do my own. I have 4 to offer but currently have only submitted 1. The Kawai Baby Grand, recorded on a mini cassette dictaphone that my son found in one of my studio drawers. To be honest I had forgotten about it’s existence until he dug it out… So I plonked it on the music stand and set to work, it’s noisy, wobbly and all sorts of imperfect. Perfect.

Gimme the goodies!

If you want to grab a copy then you can of course head over to Pianobook and grab it there. This version is packaged up as a Logic EXS24 sampler instrument but I have since rebuilt it using Kontakt. And if you would like any further versions or copies of the files, raw, cleaned not normalised or whatever then please get in touch with your request using the Contact Form below and I’ll pass a link back to you. Easy-peasy.